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Merry Christmas!

Joy To The World

Not written as a Christmas song, Joy To The World is really about Christ's triumphant return to the earth when He'll reign as our Lord and King!  Let us praise Jesus today as our risen Savior, as we eagerly await His coming!  What joy!


Merry Christmas!!

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Tammy Reneé - Joy To The World
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Christmas Time Is Here

This song has such a simple and delightful tune that I wanted to sing for a long time.  It was the very last song that JD Miller arranged for me and it ended up being the title of the CD.  It is definitely one of my very favorites.  I hope you enjoy it!  May your day be filled with love, laughter, and praise to our precious Savior Jesus!

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Tammy Reneé - Christmas Time Is Here
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Bethlehem Medley

I hope you're enjoying the song selections from my latest CD ... Christmas Time Is Here.  I want to give a huge shout-out to JD Miller, who is the arranger of all the songs thus far, including today's.  He is a tremendously talented piano player, arranger, and studio engineer.  He has helped to shape a distinct and suitable sound for me, for which I am so grateful!  What a blessing he is!  Check him out at  There is a link where you can view his accomplishments and listen to his jingles.


This medley to me is a worship song to Jesus every day... not just at Christmas.  Will you worship Him with me?

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Tammy Reneé - Bethlehem Medley
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I'll Be Home For Christmas

Most of you are probably unaware that we had a small fire in our home June 30 and have been in a hotel all this time ... 6 months to be exact. (I have not made this widespread knowledge.)  The fire was actually minimal ... it was water and smoke that did the most damage.   It was very frightening ... lightning struck the gas tank and ran in on the gas line, arcing and catching the living room floor on fire.  It's a long story ... one I will share with you before too long.  Getting workers in this day and age slowed the entire restoration process down.  But things are moving along now ... and one day very soon I'll be home! Needless to say, my theme song this year is, I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams!!  A big shout out to all my Veteran friends (please put your hand up if you are a Veteran ... we are all applauding you)!! Pray for the protection of all those who are serving our country overseas this Christmas, along with their families! I hope you are all able to be Home For Christmas this year!

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Tammy Reneé - I ll Be Home For Christmas (1)
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One Night in Bethlehem

Jesus surrendered to the will of the Father to become Emmanuel (God with us).  God! The Creator of Heaven and earth came as a baby to be the perfect once and for all sacrifice.  He was born to die to save you and me.  One Night in Bethlehem changed everything. “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom He is pleased." Luke 2:14

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Tammy Reneé - One Night In Bethlehem
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My Favorite Things

Since I just saw the Sound of Music (again) this past Sunday evening, let's start with one of the most popular songs from that musical ... and one of my favorites ... My Favorite Things.  No one compares to the iconic and tremendously talented Julie Andrews!  I never tire of seeing this show and feel the theme of standing up for our convictions to be even more relevant than ever! Persevere ... climb every mountain ... follow every rainbow until you find your dream!!!

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Tammy Reneé - My Favorite Things
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